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Hi I'm Megan
and this is my blog I guess
I used to be oceansing
**click my name for pictures of me c:**
exploring and

On the way to graduation!!!
Hey guys so sorry for posting a random pic of me but I kind of like this picture and I’m not sure if I should make it my profile picture on Facebook. I haven’t updated it since June so it’s time… Haha anyways I wanted more opinions :p
Hey hi hello
whenever my hair and skin magically look good on the same day i celebrate by taking a bunch of selfies
hi :~)
hello i don’t think i have uploaded a picture of me recently so this is me and my friend brittany (on the left, I’m on the right)
hi guys :)
this is real
this is me
i uploaded this a while ago and i deleted it by accident oops
i have not posted a picture of myself in a while so hello!
hey hi hello i want to make this my profile picture but does my face look weird idek
should i make this my profile pic y/n??
on the bright side i took one nice picture of myself!!!!!! i went to a sweet 16 weeee