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Hi I'm Megan
and this is my blog I guess
I used to be oceansing
**click my name for pictures of me c:**
exploring and

Awesome Colors by MIKOFOX ⌘ Thank You For Your Comments and Faves! on Flickr.
Tam-set by k2pilot on Flickr.
Fog On Chautauqua Lake by ChadCooperPhotos on Flickr.
greens by @siu_siu_po on Flickr.
* by Karol Jaworecki on Flickr.
quite content. by Mighty Superhero on Flickr.
nubes II by gandradem on Flickr.
HuangShan (Yellow Mountains), China by lea.maguero on Flickr.
Cape Town: Sunset at Signal Hill by DieBuben.de on Flickr.
IMG_0401 by truvisionaire on Flickr.
DSCN9927065 by andrea_alberghini on Flickr.
Beam of light by Simon KG on Flickr.
Landscape dounhill by Kazuo Ishikawa2014 on Flickr.
DSC07264.jpg by digitalSplatters on Flickr.
La playa escondida. by mauro_332 on Flickr.